The list of creative online audio tools

The list of web-baased, online audio tools that can spark your imagination. I use it to poke my brain so it comes up with yet another original idea and then record my web-browser's output with the help of Audacity. I just plug output of my audio interface into its input and that does the trick.



Drum Machines and Step Sequencers


Arragement and collaboration


Art Project




Of course, most of them will be useless for you, like a toy, poke and forget. But some seem to me just a godsend. Why? Because I can record audio from the browser. I can make rhythms, grooves, sounds, then record them, then process them and get some random interesting result. Our brains love creativity and weirdness. For example, sequencers where there is no leash to quantize, or chord generators and their sequences. Something can be processed, something can be turned into an effect or subtle detail. You never know. But it's worth trying.

I used to connect the audio interface into itself, output to input. Now I bought myself a small mixing console for this. But the scheme is the same.