Production in Cubase - the list of streams


Here is a video list where producers are making music in Cubase. Leave more links in comments (no reg), I'll add them. Vote for your favourite stream and I will sort them accordingly.

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Cubase Streams

Studio Sessions with Cubase: Tinlicker - Part 1
Noisia Studio Tutorial: Foundations (with Mefjus)1
Multi-Award-Winning Film Score Composer Hans Zimmer on Cubase | Steinberg Spotlights
Ian Kirkpatrick's Livestream 3 - Making Beat and Look At Her Now Breakdown
Ian Kirkpatrick (Project File Breakdown Dua Lipa - Pretty Please) Instagram Stream
Ian Kirkpatrick (just messin round) Twitch Stream
Ian Kirkpatrick's Quarantine Stream
Virtual Riot's Livestream from May 8, 2015 [Livestream #002]
Ian Kirkpatrick's Livestream 6 - Making Beat
Ian Kirkpatrick's Livestream 7 - Pretty Please Breakdown
Ian Kirkpatrick's Twitch Livestream 1 - Making Beat
Ian Kirkpatrick's Twitch Livestream 2 - Don't Start Now Breakdown1
Produce a track with Ian Kirkpatrick part 2
SpliceTV - Produce a track with Ian Kirkpatrick2
Ian Kirkpatrick's Twitch Livestream - just messin round1
Ian Kirkpatrick's Twitch Livestream - just messin round1 p2
Ian Kirkpatrick's Twitch Livestream - highstream 3 p2
Ian Kirkpatrick's Stream - hangin (6.24.2020)
Ian Kirkpatrick's Twitch Steam - hangin (6.26.2020)
Ian Kirkpatrick's Twitch Stream - hangin (6.28.2020)
Ian Kirkpatrick's Twitch Stream - highstream1
Producing 'Gravity' for Clubs and Live Shows1 | Boris Brejcha on Producing Minimal Techno
Making of Lunar - Virtual Riot [Livestream #001]
Virtual Riot Livestream Feb 10, 2015 - Lunar Making #000
Virtual Riot Livestream 8/20/14 Part 1
Virtual Riot Livestream 9/6/14
Virtual Riot Live Stream ?? November 2014 (Part 1/3)
Virtual Riot's Livestream from September 9, 2015 [Livestream #003]
Virtual Riot Live Stream 16 November 2014 (Part 1/5)
Virtual Riot Live Stream 7 September 2014 (Part 1/10)
Virtual Riot (Live-Stream While Producing) 20/08/2014
Virtual Riot Live Stream 18 September 2014 (Part 4/7)
Virtual Riot Live Stream 7 September 2014 (Part 3/10)
Virtual Riot Livestream 8/20/14 Part 1
Daniel James Full Sketch Composing Live Stream - January 30th 2019
Liam Taylor, Querky Funk Production Livestream [Cubase] UK
Dash Glitch, Live Stream - Talking/Producing Goa and Answering User Questions
Aurora B.Polaris, CREATING "NATSUKASHII" CHILLSTEP TRACK 🦁 Aurora B.Polaris | Cubase Music Production Livestream
Misha Mansoor, Livestream - Playing with Meshuggah in public1
Live Stream: Using Orchestral Libraries in Periphery's music.
HIMMELSKINDER /// Music Production and Songwriting /// Cubase Live Stream
Making a beat in 1 Hour using Cubase 9
Mefjus - Particles Studio Insights: Sidewinder with Camo & Krooked1
Mefjus - Particles Studio Insights: Out Of Time with Break
Mefjus - Particles Studio Insights: Special Edition - Q&A
Mefjus - Particles Studio Insights: Transit with IMANU
Mefjus - Particles Studio Insights: Bubble with Phace
Mefjus - Particles Studio Insights: Amber with Skeptical
Chase & Status | Producers House [S1.EP8]: SBTV
Chase & Status - Producer Masterclass - 2007
Infected Mushroom - Making of Drum n Bassa (Studio Blog)
Infected Mushroom On Distortion Plugins
Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL) - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro
MODULAR WALL PERFORMANCE - Junkie XL (Studio Time: Season 2)
New Cubase Template: Part I [Studio Time: S3E8]
The Art of Mixing Hip Hop Records w/ Koen Heldens [XXXTentacion, Dr. Dre, Timbaland]
Cubase Pro 9 / Composing and mixing progressive metal / Part 1 | Develop Device
Cubase Pro 9 / Composing and mixing progressive metal / Part 2 | Develop Device
Making a Hip Hop Beat - Cubase only
Cubase only: Mixing a track in 60 minutes
CWVI - New VEPro 6 Template talk Cubase
Steinberg Studio Sessions: Principleasure – Part 1
Composing Game Music Live #02- How to use FMOD + Cubase template overview.
Cubase 10.5 Template Touchscreen Madness - BRANDING TRACKS (Showing Tracks With Data On The Fly)
Mixing Epic Trailer Music in Cubase 10.5
Superior Drummer 3 & Cubase | Mix Immersive Drums
Hans Zimmer Strings First Look - FULL Live Stream
PARANDROID STUDIO - Cubase music production (High tech psytrance)
Twitch Live Stream Song overview / Editing and chatting!
Mixing and mastering online stream
Music Stream: Me Derping In Cubase XD
Tristam 14/04/2016 Livestream Part 1 (Making a Song)
NEW BEATTT , NEW BATTERY | Enjoy The Stream! 18.06.2020
Making of 'Last Forever' (Stream archive)
Free Cubase 10.5 And Making A Song | Youtube Live | Day 32

Other decent streams

Oak Felder - Recording Demi Lovato's 'Sorry Not Sorry1
KSHMR Masterclass: How To Stop Making Beats And Be An Artist | Spinnin’ Academy @ ADE 20191
Skrillex Produces a Track From Scratch! | Instagram Live | FULL STREAM (26/03/2020)2
ZEDD: MUSIC PRODUCTION FEEDBACK & TIPS (& Why You Shouldn't be Avicii) [Twitch]
Making of One (Virtual Riot 2017 Remix) - Submatik & Phil ft. Holly Drummond [Livestream #005]
Virtual Riot's Livestream from July 14, 2018 [Livestream #008]
Virtual Riot's Livestream from August 30, 2017 [Livestream #006]
New Virtual Riot Live Stream - 4/27/2017

Disclosure (production time) Twitch Stream


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