Modern list of websites for musicians

The list of music related web-sites, loops vendors, news, blogs, plugin developers, stores and some all-time useful articles.


Good Reads

  1. The Young Person’s Guide to Getting Into the Music Industry
  2. Periphery’s bassist/producer on recording drums, EQing, plug-ins and more
  3. Advice on making good money producing music - from someone who does just that
  4. Delay Compensation FAQ
  5. Understanding Plug-In Delay Compensation
  6. Expanding on Compression: 3 Overlooked Techniques for Improving Dynamic Range

Music Services


Magazines, blogs
native instruments
Audiofanzine (
Downbeat (
Drum (
Guitar Player (
Guitar World (
Kerrang (
Mix (
Modern Drummer (
Mojo (
Premier Guitar (
Recording (
Revolver (
Rolling Stone (
Spin (
Strings (
Tape Op (
Vibe (
Metal Edge ( ???

Social networks


This part contains a list of small and middle plugin developers that are making free, interesting or unique plugins. I would like to collect them into a small list so it was easier to check their products from time to time and support further development. Leave in the comments names of your favourite developers. Maybe you know some obscure or hidden gems that need an exposure.

Full Bucket Music
/2021/pbutiq/modulair.jpg /2021/pbutiq/monofury.jpg /2021/pbutiq/tricent.jpg

Stone Voices
/2021/pbutiq/brandulator_v2.0.jpg /2021/pbutiq/polygas_v1.0_full.jpg

/2021/pbutiq/gclip_ui.png /2021/pbutiq/glow_ui.png

Hvoya Audio

/2021/pbutiq/5a46d09480557a00017d25bc_IMG_29122017_115133_0.png /2021/pbutiq/5a79b9748256370001efd2ea_Radar.png /2021/pbutiq/5b3b778aa040d06b6fb8a9bd_Mushroom.png

/2021/pbutiq/SQ-screenshot.png /2021/pbutiq/PR-screenshot.png /2021/pbutiq/MR-screenshot.png

Madrona Labs
/2021/pbutiq/Aalto1.6-336722419791c3fe9185d10c662f2f5b.png /2021/pbutiq/Kaivo1.1-2391e23bbf8beb757b483bfdac752ebc.png /2021/pbutiq/virta1-copy-3-a81898cb808cc2b44852a4b739bd879f.png

XLN Audio
/2021/pbutiq/main.png /2021/pbutiq/Hero-Fairfax-800px.jpg

Vital Audio

x-fer records


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