RuZZia invaded Ukraine (updated in Aug)

On the 24th of February, ruzzia attacked Ukraine at 5 AM, first they bombed military and infrastructure objectives all around the country and then broke borders into three areas: North, East and South. For this act of aggression, they used the cynic lie as a reason. Here is more detailed explanation. After they faced strong resistance, which they were not expecting, ruzzia started launching missiles and dropping bombs at everything they could. Their goal is to destroy infrastructure, cause panic, casualties don't matter.

Yamaha Corporation has decided to donate $300,000 for human support in Ukraine and its surrounding areas. This donation will be made through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (#UNHCR) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Children (#UNICEF). The Yamaha Group, to which Steinberg belongs, wishes for this situation to be resolved as soon as possible to ensure the safety and daily life of people in Ukraine and that peace will come to the world again. Steinberg has also decided to make an additional donation and allows its employees to use some work time to help those refugees arriving in Hamburg.

Thank you guys! This means the world to me, to us!

Here you can see the gallery called "The tragedy of war".

WARNING! Graphic content and there are deaths in photos. I have warned you.

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