About me

Hi, I am self-taught music producer and recording engineer. I had been studing in a music school, but don't have a university degree.

With the help of this web-site and social networks (see footer) I try to pay-off the value that the internet community had given me (and still gives) when I was learning how to make music.

Here are my best works at the moment, so you could have some idea of me.

EDM Interstellar (feat. Lola Kaas)
Hip Hop Blame You feat. Drake
Drum & Bass Arrival
Mid-tempo Cyberpunk 2077
Pop Bruno Mars & Barbara Palvin - Grenade
Dub House Andrei Doe — Entangled (Ollie Wonder Remix)
Indie Marmur - Тону
Bro Step Chet Faker - Gold (Cover By Marmur)
Rock Oigen Brain - Imya
Metal Slap - Silence
Commercials IKOS has its own sound
Anex Air-X functionality
Anex Quant functionality

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