About me

Hi, I am self-taught music producer and recording engineer. I had been studing in a music school, but don't have a university degree.

With the help of this web-site and social networks (see footer) I try to pay-off the value that the internet community had given me (and still gives) when I was learning how to make music.

Here are my best works at the moment, so you could have some idea of me.

Hip Hop Blame You feat. Drake
Drum & Bass Arrival
Mid-tempo Cyberpunk 2077
Pop Bruno Mars & Barbara Palvin - Grenade
Indie Marmur - TMRRW
Bro Step Chet Faker - Gold (Cover By Marmur)
Metal Slap - Silence
Commercials IKOS has its own sound
Anex Air-X functionality
Anex Quant functionality

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