Here is a video list where producers are making music in Cubase. Leave more links in comments (no reg), I'll add them. Vote for your favourite stream and I will sort them accordingly.

Cubase Streams
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So many times I got annoyed when I was trying to find the right setting in preferences menus. The last one was for an automatic track color apply. It appears that Googling things is faster then actual search in prefs. So I decided to make this page. Next time when you need something, come directly to this page, smash Ctrl + F in you browser and find whatever the heck you need.

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! toggle time base you can set hot key for project logical editor scenario Most of the time you will perform your MIDI editing graphically in one of the MIDI editors. But there are times when you want more of a “search and replace” function on MIDI data, and that’s where the Logical Editor comes in.

This is the text version of series of videos on YouTube.

Cubase Logical Editor
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