Cubase Generic Remote - all options on one page

Generic Remote is an empty MIDI mapping for some MIDI Controller. Mapping means that you press some button on a MIDI controller, and a DAW does some action, like track creation or playing from the beginning. You can make even notes like D2 or A4 to start the playback (Useful with PADs MIDI controllers like Akai MPD218 or CMD DC-1). The purpose of this article is to help a user with searching of necessary item (ctrl+f in browser) and make it easy to find out if some desired functionality is available.

Also, it is possible to make a midi controller to control whichever track is focused. You can assign the chosen fader to Mixer > Selected > Volume. Be sure to tick Pick-up in the flags column

Cubase Generic Remote Post Picture
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Production in Cubase - the list of official and unofficial streams, promos

Here is a video list where producers are making music in Cubase. Leave more links in comments (no reg), I'll add them. Vote for your favourite stream and I will sort them accordingly.

Cubase Streams
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Modern list of websites for musicians

The list of music related web-sites, loops vendors, news, blogs, plugin developers, stores and some all-time useful articles.

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The list of creative online audio tools

The list of web-baased, online audio tools that can spark your imagination. I use it to poke my brain so it comes up with yet another original idea and then record my web-browser's output with the help of Audacity. I just plug output of my audio interface into its input and that does the trick.

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Google sheet with label contacts

Music playlists on YouTube and Spotify, Labels on SoundCloud Google Sheet. The article about where you can show you tracks to a big audience

Here are some true statements
  • Now the holy grail of music promotion are Spotify's playlists now. In weird cases - twitch streamers.
  • Use pretty much whatever the hottest social media is at the moment. Right now it’s TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Pretty obvious statement: promote music in music social networks. COUB is fine too, imo.