Production in Cubase - the list of streams

Here is a video list where producers are making music in Cubase. Leave more links in comments (no reg), I'll add them. Vote for your favourite stream and I will sort them accordingly.

Please, don't abuse voting, I didn't try to make it very smart against cool hatsckers. Vote delay is 2 sec, if you can't vote anymore, it's not a bug, it's a feature, try again later.

Cubase Streams

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The Modern and Updated List of URLs with music related content

The list of music related web-sites, loops vendors, news, blogs, etc.


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The List of Online Audio Tools

The list of web-baased, online audio tools that can spark your imagination. I use it to poke my brain so it comes up with yet another original idea and then record my web-browser's output with the help of Audacity. I just plug output of my audio interface into its input and that does the trick.


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