The list of creative online audio tools

The list of web-baased, online audio tools that can spark your imagination. I use it to poke my brain so it comes up with yet another original idea and then record my web-browser's output with the help of Audacity. I just plug output of my audio interface into its input and that does the trick.

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Google sheet with label contacts

Music playlists on YouTube and Spotify, Labels on SoundCloud Google Sheet. The article about where you can show you tracks to a big audience

Here are some true statements
  • Now the holy grail of music promotion are Spotify's playlists now. In weird cases - twitch streamers.
  • Use pretty much whatever the hottest social media is at the moment. Right now it’s TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Pretty obvious statement: promote music in music social networks. COUB is fine too, imo.